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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Name that Personality

    A big thanks to Patricia who submitted this excerpt from her manuscript, LEGACY OF THE EYE. Some of you may remember her first page and recognize these two characters. The question is, can you tell their personality types? I think I can guess Catrine's but David is harder since this is from her pov. What do you think?

 "We should split up the research. You take the first whorl and I'll take the second." David sat at the desk closer to the door and powered up the computing unit.
     Catrine sat at the other desk, but her mind was not on the work. She could not stop wondering what was wrong with David. After reading the same passage four times, she got up and walked back to the board on the wall. Based on the list she had made the week before, she added labels to the dots and circled the five on her current list of potential planets to send tutors. She also crossed out the ten she was certain were not governed by a hereditary rule. Then David groaned and her mind crash-landed back on Demia.
     "How can you find all the books for a specific planet?" David's chair scraped the wood floor as he thrust it away from the desk.
     "You do a keyword search..." Catrine was confused. She had learned to do this kind of research eight years ago--and David had been the one who taught her.
     "But how do you know you are getting all the books?"
     "Because they are all indexed in the system and the search algorithm is designed to retrieve them." Catrine could see the color creeping up his neck, but she could not understand what was upsetting him.
     "What if someone deleted a book? How would you know?"
     "Why would anyone do that?"
     "I don't know!"
     David's chair toppled over as he stood in haste and they both reached for it at the same time. Catrine's hand brushed against David's skin. The hairs on her arm prickled and her heart rate quickened. The flurry of sensations that enveloped her was as strong as when David had kissed her amidst the lilies. Heat spread through her body. She was aware of how close he was, and how alone they were. She heard David take a deep breath, before he stepped away from her as if from fire.

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