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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess the Brand #6

Here's how to play. Look at the screen shot and post in the comments what you learned about the author from this blog.

And the link: Angie Schilaty


Sean McLachlan said...

Not enough to really say much. My first impression is of a budding writer new to the blogosphere.

Huntress said...

Young mother who writes between diaper changes and laundry. Aspiring writer just starting to understand this world of publishing.

Patchi said...

I can tell she is a writer, but I don't know if published or not. I would say she just had a baby and everything else is on hold.

Charity Bradford said...

What I love about this is:
1. Her picture is in her header so I have a face to go with
2. A name in the header!
3. I'm guessing she writes based on the quote in the header

Other than that I'd have to scroll and read. However that top part gets big points from me.