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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess the Brand #3

Here's how to play. Look at the screen shot and post in the comments what you learned about the author from this blog.

And the link to the blog: Eclectic


Sean McLachlan said...

An unpublished author who is nevertheless working hard and hitting that word count. The blog post was a bit unfocused, though. I prefer content posts over chatty posts, but that's just my opinion.

Huntress said...

Relaxed but kinda vague. Promotes Indie publishing? A serious writer but no genre that stands out.

Patchi said...

A dedicated writer, but I can't tell the genre. Indie published. The writer seems to struggle balancing work and life--don't we all?

Charity Bradford said...

This is a writer who is focused on the writing but still understands the importance of the little things that still need to be done.

I don't have a name, face, or gender to associate with the blog. Not sure of a genre either.

Lauren said...

Since this blog focuses on writing (rather than the written) I deliberately didn't "brand" it with a genre.