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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Computer Simulation

This week I’m offering “what if” questions for you to ponder. Because I’m lazy that way it’s a holiday week. Full explanation on Monday’s post.

I saw something about this in October and then just a couple weeks ago. And as such items always do, this started me thinking.

What if the universe we live in is a computer simulation? What if we are all parts of some computer? What does that mean for us? Would this knowledge help us or hurt us?


Huntress said...

What if this a dream and nothing is real? Or turn this concept upside down and say the dream is the ‘real’ world.

A ‘sims’ world if ever there was one.

Maybe a Controller who puts obstacles in my path for fun, diverting my attention.

Oh, hey wait. Isn’t that the Squirrel! concept? Finally, I have an explanation.

Joyce Lansky said...

If that were the case, I'd hope I could be clever like Tris from the Divergeant series by Veronica Roth. She was great at over coming these simulation games. It's a great read that I highly recommend.


Lauren said...

Hurt, definitely. The knowledge would destroy us. Ignorance, in that case, is bliss.

Of course, there would always be a few who tried to work with the program. So is the computer program all encompassing, or do we, as the simulacrums, have some autonomy? Because if we don't, the computer would just erase the knowledge.

If we do, the field is wide open.


Liz said...

Take it however you'd like. That's the whole point behind these.

Liz said...

Oh, wow. Yeah, that would be cool.

Liz said...

Tweak the parameters as much as you would like. I find that when I posit these questions, the answers go in directions that I can't anticipate. I like to see what people come up with.