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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ghost in the Hologram

This week I’m offering “what if” questions for you to ponder. Because I’m lazy that way it’s a holiday week. Full explanation on Monday’s post.

Back in April, there was this brouhaha over the Tupac “hologram” performing at Coachella. (And now as I go online to find the links, I learned that the company went bankrupt in September, but that doesn’t change the nature of my question.)

Most people went oooh and ahhh. Me? I took a crazy thought and ran with it.

What if these performances weren’t done by holograms? What if the media group figured out a way to get ghosts to perform? What if someone figured out a way to talk to the dead and found a way to let everyone see them, and they used it like this?


mshatch said...

would this be with the ghosts cooperation or without? And if without how does one force a ghost to do anything? Hmm...

Lauren said...

Interesting thought. Can the ghosts interact outside the "program?" because some of them probably still have axes to grind in the overworld.


Huntress said...

Ahhh, you hit on the premise of my fourth novel *bg*

Liz said...

I bet some would want the attention while others would not. That would be interesting: how do you make a reluctant ghost perform?

Liz said...

And there's another wrinkle I did not anticipate. So, I leave that up to the author.

Liz said...

Oops, sorry. But I bet my version (if I were to write this, but I won't because I just figured out how to solve the big problem I was having with my second novel, and my first novel is finally working, and my fourth novella is in a good place as well) would be different from yours anyway.

Donna Hole said...

What if men never walked on the moon and it was all an elaborate hoax by the government to garner public interest in the space program?

Us creative types have always been the inspiration for scientific advancement. The technology is there, its just not public knowledge until some smarty makes a movie or book publication. How do we average citizens know if anything is real.

Am I living in your dream, or are you living in mine.

Ghosts; paranormal activity; alien experiments. Are the Northern Lights proof of magic, or a cosmic anomaly? Is the Bermuda Triangle a black hole leading to evidence of alternate universes, or mass delusions caused by government experiments?

Do any of us really know what is real?

Do we really care? or do we want to believe in something outside the norm?

Today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact.


Liz said...

Wouldn't it be cool if one of our story ideas one day became scientific fact?