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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess the Brand #7

Here's how to play. Look at the screen shot and post in the comments what you learned about the author from this blog.

And the link: Spirit Called


Sean McLachlan said...

An aspiring author with a sense of humor who likes fantasy and is an avid reader of books and blogs.
And a fellow Missourian! I used to live in Columbia.

Patrycja Photography said...
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mshatch said...

WEll, I happen to know a great deal about that particular blogger so I'll say no more - except that you should follow her if you're not :)

Patchi said...

Fantasy and humor are the first things I noticed. And that the blogger is working really hard to fulfill her dream of being a published author.

Charity Bradford said...

LOL, same as Mshatch, but I will note some changes on the blog that I think are great!

She has her blogger name AND her real name on here now. And all of you are right about a great sense of humor.

Laura Stephenson said...

The subtitle makes me unsure if being published is her goal, or that those two things have already gotten her published. I'm not sure why the blog's on fire, but I wish the other colors on the screen matched it more. Otherwise it all flows together to make a cohesive whole that's both humorous and thoughtful. And I love the blogroll on the left (and am now adopting that myself instead of having it on the bottom of my right one).

Huntress said...

'...I wish the other colors on the screen matched...'

ME TOO! But Blogger won't let me change the post background or post titles. ARGGHHHHHHHHH.

Drives me crazy. Enough to make me investigate Wordpress.

Huntress said...

Thanks for great advice and critique!

With the suggestions in mind, I refurbished my blog. Kept the general color scheme but focused on a more harmonious blend.

Thanks again.