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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess the Brand #1

This is a great first example! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to add what I learned in the comments instead of the post.

Here's how to play. Look at the screen shot and post in the comments what you learned about the author from the blog.

Here's the Link for the Blog Civil War Horror


Sean McLachlan said...

Some random idiot who wastes too much time obsessing about the Civil War. Oh wait, that's me!

Huntress said...

Published writer with multiple links. Been around, through, over and under the block. Interested in history especially the Civil War (major duh) that keeps the writerly engines roaring.

Speculative fiction with a solid background. Knowledgable about history and fascinated about the 'what ifs'.

A Professional with a sideline of Humor

Patchi said...

Historian. Published author of fiction and non-fiction, focused on the civil war period.

Charity Bradford said...

This is great. I have a name up top. The blog itself is very focused. Anyone who is interested in the Civil War would feel they've hit a gold mine. There is a picture of his book as his profile picture.

He has fiction and non-fiction credits under his belt. This looks like a place he shares his research and thoughts about the events in the Civil War.

Laura Stephenson said...

Wow, when I read the first three words I was thinking, "Holy cow, man, why so mean?" Haha.

Laura Stephenson said...

Looks like a published author with a very cool historical feel to go with his historical focus. However, the bookshelf background I've seen on SO many blogs it feels a little amateurish. Otherwise your brand is perfect.

Sean McLachlan said...

Hmmm. . .you're right about the background. It is a little too common. Perhaps some tiled photos from the Civil War era? I don't want the background to be too busy, though.