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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guess the Brand #4

Here's how to play. Look at the screen shot and post in the comments what you learned about the author from this blog.

And the link to the blog: Halfworld


Sean McLachlan said...

Science fiction author with a well fleshed-out world. Probably new to blogging since he or she only has 6 followers.
2,000 words a day? Nice commitment! I do about 1500-2000, but a lot of that is nonfiction. I only do 550 fiction per day minimum.

Huntress said...

Initially I wondered about the lack of followers also the Halfworld site was a newbie. But I surfed the page and realized that my assumption was wrong.

Serious writer, well-informed, other worldly. A lot of organization with layers. Just starting out in the writerly biz but knows her way around computer programs. A professional. Enjoys my genre!

Patchi said...

At first glance it looked like science fiction, but after further examination it sounds more like fantasy. From the shot I would say this is a new blog, but the two other blogs suggest that this writer is not new to blogging. The 2000 words a day post shows commitment to writing.

Charity Bradford said...

The planet gives it a science fiction feel, and even the blurb makes for a great description of a story idea. Maybe some dark "Twilight Zone" type story. :)

It looks like they are a new blogger. I don't know if this is a man or woman, no name, no picture. I would suggest moving the profile gadget up to the top.

Laura Stephenson said...

I would say the author is working on Sci-fi, and is serious and deep in their writing. Looks very professional.

Lauren said...

Sci-fi and fantasy mixed. So you're all right!