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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Submissions to QueryCon 2013

Submissions begin Sunday, September 22. 
There will be two (2) windows for submissions. Times are Central Standard Time.

  • 8 am
  • 8 pm


  • Followers of the blog only
  • Queries for completed and polished manuscripts only. No WIPs.
  • Manuscripts only for the genres our judges represent. See below for genres.
  • Please, do not comment on posted queries. This is Judges Week only.
  • In the subject line, type Finals Week, (name of novel)

Format your query:

Name: (name will be posted unless you prefer anonymity)

Then paste the body of the query. No attachments please.

Send to unicornbellsubmissions@gmail.com

  • We will accept ten queries in the first window and ten in the second window, total of twenty. 
  • We will post when the window is open and when it is closed. 
  • No queries will be accepted before the posted times.
  • You are responsible for determining time zones.

Queries will go up starting 5 am Monday and stay up for the week.

Our judges and the genres they represent:

Andrew Buckley, Curiosity Quills. I’m looking for adult fiction be it paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy and/or anything quirky or humorous. No YA or NA please. I like strong protagonists with a unique voice and wonderfully evil antagonists. Please, please, please, no in-your-face sword and sorcery type pieces. They’ve been known to cause sharp pains in my posterior. I’m also looking for cookies. Oatmeal raisin are my favorite. 

Angela Kelly, Musa Publishing. I represent Spec-fic, which includes fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, utopian, apocalyptic, post apocalyptic, alternate history, steampunk, supernatural and those strange stories that are just a little hard to classify.
I'm looking for stories that amaze or excite me.  Scare me, show me how the world would be different if just one little thing had happened differently in the past.  Stories that make me think, especially if they make me think, "What if?" or "Why not?".  Stories that make me feel and that move me.  Strong protagonists that make me wish they were my best friends.  A writing style that draws me in and makes me live in that world, that makes me wish the story would never end.  And when it does end, I want to feel like I just have to go back to visit that world or see those characters again.  I want to feel a little sad when the story ends, not necessarily because it has a sad ending, but because the story's over and I know I'm going to miss those characters.  I guess my biggest thing is that I just want a good story!

Victoria Lowes, The Bent Agency. I currently only represent YA & Adult digital-first titles. I am always looking to represent contemporary and historical romance titles, mysteries, thrillers as well as women's fiction and humor. Right now, I'm more specifically looking for a suspenseful female-driven mystery, an historical fiction set in the early 20th century that has strong romantic elements and a YA or adult contemporary romance that has a strong, authentic voice.

Good luck to all our participants!


Carl Hackman said...

Sounds like next week will be fun, pity my genre is not represented.

Thanks for helping me polish my query and good luck to those of you who submit :)

Charity Bradford said...

Sorry Carl! Good luck to you though. Start sending that query out to the agents who ARE looking for you.

And keep us posted.