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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Call for Workshop Submissions!

I hope you got lots of great information last week about queries. I also hope you're ready to play!

Our mailbox has been cleaned and is ready to receive your queries for critiquing next week. Let me run through the guidelines for this week.

  1. Your novel does NOT have to be finished to get your query critiqued this week.
  2. Email your query to unicornbellsubmissions@gmail.com with QUERY CRITIQUE [name of book] in the subject line. And yes, this is a test to see if you can follow directions. Remember, submission guidelines ARE YOUR FRIEND when it comes to querying agents and publishers. 
  3. I will post queries on Monday and they will stay up all week. If you submit, please comment on at least 3 other queries. We are all here to help each other. 
  4. As you receive feedback, feel free to revise and RESUBMIT the new version. I'll post it on your same thread. You can do this as many times as you want during the week. The goal is to perfect this query.
As always, if you have any question, PLEASE ask. We are here to help you.


mshatch said...

I can't wait to read queries :)

Trisha F said...

Damn :( Time has got away from me and I haven't polished up a query.

Charity Bradford said...

No worries Trisha! Send in a crappy one this week and we'll help you polish it up. :)

Robin said...

I haven't ever written a query and my WIP isn't complete. However, I have read your notes on How To Query. Normally there is a place at the bottom indicating Word Count... for the purpose of this exercise, how do you suggest that incomplete WIPs get around that?

Alison nee Heller said...

Robin I'd put in XXXX as you're not going to query until it's complete and you can fill out the number later. OR put in an anticipated number (70k, 80k) etc and change it later to reflect the correct word count.

Charity Bradford said...

Robin, so sorry I didn't respond! I'm having a computer crisis at the moment, but Alison's suggestion works just fine. Some people are say partially finished or currently at...

You can still send in queries for critique.