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Monday, September 23, 2013

QueryCon 2013—#4 Dancing in the Athenian Rain

Title: Dancing in the Athenian Rain
Genre: New Adult Historical Romance (Time Travel)

When Donna is sent back in time to Classical Athens, she is furious at Dr. Stephens for sending her against her wishes. Then a Greek soldier purchases her to be his wife.

She is forced to learn a new language and culture, and faces her fears of never returning to her own time. The society hates her, especially because they think she’s an Amazon, which forces her to confront her issues—being compared to her genius brother, borderline abusive friends, and a cheating boyfriend.

But her husband, Peleus, is kind and patient. Although against her best judgment, she allows him into her heart. He counters all the negative voices from her past, but those voices drive a wedge between them. She must let go of her fears and admit her feelings, or she could lose him and her own life.


Angela Kelly said...

I really enjoy Historical Romance and Ancient Greece has always fascinated me. I think the only thing that you might have done differently in your query is find a way to combine paragraphs two and three, then create a new third paragraph that gives us Peleus's POV on the situation. While the current third paragraph is about Peleus, it's still pretty much from Donna's perspective. I think we should see more of Peleus's perspective on the matter in the third paragraph.

Otherwise, I think it's a very nice and interesting query. If this was my genre, I'd be interested in seeing how things turn out for Donna and Peleus! Nice Job!

Victoria Lowes said...

I love this concept and have a particularly soft spot for time travel romances.

I agree with Angela that I would've liked to get more of a sense of Peleus's POV. I also think you should address who Dr. Stephens is and why he is sending Donna back in time.

Also, I generally like a little context outside the synopsis in queries like a little info about the author or on comparative titles, etc.

Like I said though, I love time travel romances and would gladly consider the full MS. If you'd like, please send the full MS along with this query letter to me at victoria@thebentagency.com!

abuckley23 said...

I can't really add much more than what has already been said above. However I do like the concept but agree you should include something about yourself in here. Self yourself!