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Monday, September 23, 2013

QueryCon 2013—#2 Letting Go

Title: Letting Go
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Name: Kristin Smith

Dear Mr. Buckley, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Lowes,

After the tragic death of her husband, Giselle Roberts is certain she will be single forever. Barely staying afloat caring for the needs of her five small children, romance is the furthest thing from her mind. But a chance meeting of a jaw-droppingly good-looking stranger, leaves her wondering if she’s ready to open her heart again.

Declan Worthington is charismatic, wealthy, and British, hence the sexy accent that drives Giselle to the brink of blissful surrender. He’s also great with her kids, who quickly grow to adore him. All except for Giselle’s oldest son Cohen who thinks another man in the house is one too many.

As Declan weaves his way into her heart and life, Giselle begins to dream about a new future, one that involves romance and passion.  Never once does it cross her mind to not trust the man who has brought happiness back to her family.

Upon the discovery of Declan’s shadowy past, Giselle’s perfect image of him crumbles, along with her chance for second love. Will fate find a way to bring Declan back into her life and soften Giselle’s heart?

LETTING GO is a romance novel complete at 105,000 words. I am currently knee-deep in another romance novel and wading through plans for more in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope my work piques your interest!


Angela Kelly said...

This is a great query! It tells me the basics that I really want to know in order to decide if I'm interested in seeing more of the story, and it leaves me with enough questions to make me want to ask for the full. The only thing I wasn't overly fond of was the phrase "jaw-droppingly good-looking", but the rest of the query was just what it needed to be to make me forgive that! And who can resist a name like Declan anyway? *G*

If I represented Romance, I would definitely ask for the full on this manuscript. Great Job!

Victoria Lowes said...

I agree with Angela that this one leaves me with just enough intrigue to want to read further. I think this one's great save the last line in the 4th paragraph. The query up until then makes me believe that Declan is living some sort of double life- why would he be brought back into her life once this is found out? Perhaps some more context or asking different questions would solve this.

That being said- sexy, British & mysterious? Declan sounds like just my type and I'd love to read further. If you'd like to send me the full MS, please email me at victoria@thebentagency.com!

abuckley23 said...

Damn, that's a good query. And I hate romance novels :) I have an acquisitions editor that would love to read more. Query us at http://curiosityquills.com/submission-guidelines/author-submissions/ and make sure to include that you were referred through Unicorn Bell.

abuckley23 said...

Query us at http://curiosityquills.com/submission-guidelines/author-submissions/ and make sure to include that you referred through Unicorn Bell.