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Sunday, September 8, 2013

BOOM! Here it is!

Schools in Session


QueryCon 2013 

The plan:

First week. Building a successful query. Day to day events are listed below.

Second week, 16 - 20. Submit queries for feedback. Any query, for completed manuscript or wip. Submissions start Sunday, Sept. 15. Send to:


Third week, 22 - 28. Queries for finished/polished manuscripts only. Limited to twenty. Submission date and times to be announced.

* * * *
September 9 – 13. This week begins with information, advice, and interviews.

  • Purpose of a Query and How to Write One
  • Matt MacNish, Uber Blogger of Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment.
  • Queries that Worked, West of Paradise
  • Researching Agents
  • Researching Small/Midsized Publishers and Patience
  • The Dreaded Synopsis by MD Waters
  • Queries that Worked, Wilder Mage

  • Get to know our Judges
  • The Man Who Needs No Hyperlink, Alex J. Cavanaugh
  • After the Contract is Signed
  • 7:00 pm, PST, Hangout with Charity on Google+ !!!

  • Writing Middle Grade Novels with Alicia Rivioli
  • Submissions are Your Friends
  • Critique Sites

  • How To Format a Query
  • Queries that Worked,
  • 8:00pm EST Hangout with L. Blankenship on Google+ !!!

Note the Hangouts on Wednesday and Friday. If you’re not on Google +, become a member. It is the one of the best ways to promote and gain a platform. Connect and join us.



mshatch said...

Looks fabulous! I can't wait for the fun to begin :)

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

YAY! I'm so excited to learn all that I can cram into my brain this year! I have focus for my project in the works!! Teach me!!!!

Mark Koopmans said...

Thanks to everyone who's helped to get QueryCon up and running!

And, *much* success to everyone who participates:)

Must go now.... query to polish :)

Trisha F said...

Yay!! I'm glad it's all begun :) Looking forward to participating.