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Monday, September 23, 2013

QueryCon 2013—#6 Mem

Title: MEM
Genre: Adult SF
Name: Katharine Allen

In a world where memories are alterable at whim it is hard to know who you are much less the world you live in. MEM is an adult science fiction of 80,000 words.

Mori works at the heart of the city and the only legal memory alteration company, MEM, as an ethics officer, investigating illegal or improper use of memory technology. Reminded of his own stolen past by the abduction of a child, he discovers not only the secret behind his society’s willingness to forget but the truth of his own lost memories.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. I have been writing since I was a child, something I picked up from my own very literary mother.

Thank you for your consideration,


Angela Kelly said...

With this query, I would definitely have to base my decision to request the full on the quality of the sample. For me, there just isn't enough information in the query to influence my decision. The query tells me that Mori investigates the illegal or improper use of memory technology, but I'm not sure what that means. What defines illegal or improper use? "His own stolen past" could refer to several things. Mori's own abduction as a child, someone wiped his memories intentionally, an accident that brought about amnesia . . . but we have no indication of how his own past was stolen. I think we need just a little more information about the story in this query. However, I do have to say I loved the very first line in the query! It was very interesting and engaging, so if you decide to rewrite this query, definitely keep that line!

Victoria Lowes said...

I also think the query would be improved with a little more background information about the world Mori lives in.

I too would base my request off of the quality of the sample pages.

abuckley23 said...

First paragraph was excellent. You lost me on the second. Not because of quality but because of the lack of information. If you can fill this query out to include more info then we'd like to take a look along with some sample pages. Query us at http://curiosityquills.com/submission-guidelines/author-submissions/ and make sure to include that you referred through Unicorn Bell.