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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rumble. Day Two

Rules For Da Rumble: Leave a comment with your day’s totals in the categories that apply. You have twenty-four hours starting....NOW.

My totals for Monday:
Wip - Zip
Revision – none
Posts – 1
Comments on other blogs – 20 plus since I’m participating in Cheers Alex Cavanaugh Blogfest

Monday’s question and my answer. What do you want most from being a published author? Money, fame, or recognition as a writer?

I want recognition as a writer most. Fame as in ‘hey, I've seen her face on a book jacket’ is a close second.

Question for the day. What has helped you the most in writing technique since beginning this career?

  • Self-help books like On Writing by Stephen King
  • Webinars or writers workshops
  • Blog sites such as Grammar Girl
  • Or do you use the works of published writers as examples



mshatch said...

I've made zero progress on my wip :(

As for what's helped me the most I'd have to say entering the blogosphere which connected me to other writers and, most importantly, those who would become my future crit partners.

Michael Offutt, Speculative Fiction Author said...

I've made 0 on everything.

Charity Bradford said...

Wips -
Search for Knowledge--0 words added
Fade Into Me--912 words added
Revision – none
Posts – 0. I think I'm going to skip Wednesday and just post on Thursday this week.
Comments on other blogs--around 8
Blog Tour Posts 3 more completed giving me 13/34 and 4 drafts

I also forgot to answer the questions. From yesterday--I want it all! (Do you hear a Queen song in your head?) I do want it all in this order--recognition, fame and money.

The thing that's helped me the most is critiquing others work. It helps me see what I need to work on as well.

Patchi said...

My answer to yesterday's question is any of them. Most of all I just want to be able to say "You can buy it on Amazon" when someone asks to read my novel. In the meantime, I'll let you read Legacy, Huntress, if you feel like critiquing it. Seriously.

Day two rumble:

_Dear Katherine_: I got critiques from the helpful folks at Critters so I revised the first few chapters. 60 words added and lots to think about in terms of characterization.

_The Legacy of the Eye_: Revised yesterdays revisions. About 50 words. Need to leave the novel alone.

Posts: none.

Comments: 3 (including this one), but I also thanked the 3 Critters who sent me crits.

Today's question: I love the critique help I got here and on Critters. I'm also learning a lot from reading blogs like Storyfix, WordPlay, Magical Words, and Romance University.

Lauren said...

Courier, 41297
No editing

The most help has come from critique groups and critique partners.


Huntress said...

CPs are amazing creatures. Definitely in the priceless category. *finger pointing at YOU*

Huntress said...

Oh WELL. Kinda got something going on this week dontcha?

Huntress said...

love Queen.

Wah HO! Good word count.

Huntress said...

I tried Critters but had too much trouble with spam. *sigh* It seems like a great site

Huntress said...

And another thing:

PM to you

Huntress said...

Love my CPs! (you know who you are)

Patchi said...

I haven't gotten spam from them, just 2 e-mails a week plus the 3 crit requests I asked for when I signed up. Most of the time I just look through the list, instead of working on the ones I receive. The submissions I sent did not return many crits (most people prefer short stories), but I did get 5 people to read the entire novel.

I didn't get the other thing, but Blogger ate my e-mail link. It's fixed now, so let me know if you have trouble.

Laura Stephenson said...

Currently taking a break since I wrote my NaNo. Will start editing it soon (probably the next day I have off I'll get a big start on it).

I've gotten the most help out of Brandon Sanderson's lectures at Write About Dragons. A close second is all the books I've read, such as Plot vs Character and The Fire in Fiction. I need to check out On Writing soon.

And I would love all three, in this order: recognition, money, fame. That's right, I care more about buying a house than having people recognize me from my cover jacket! :P But that would be cool, too, I can see where you're coming from there.