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Sunday, December 2, 2012

crit anyone?

I'm putting this up now in the hopes someone has an interest in getting a page - 250 words more or less - critiqued. Just send it along to Let me know if there's something specific you're concerned with.

If I don't get anything then you'll be getting my review of Skyfall: what worked and what didn't, from a writer's standpoint. I'll be honest. I'd rather crit your stuff.

Meanwhile I hope everyone has a spectacular week :)


Rachel Schieffelbein said...

I'll bite. :) Thanks!

Alicia C. said...

Should be lots of stuff from NaWriYoAsoffMo. (National Write Your Ass Off Month). Someone will give you SOMETHING!

And what DIDN'T work with Skyfall!?? I mean REALLY! Dame J.D. Was Ah.Maze.ZING! :D

Angela Ackerman said...

What a very kind offer! Looks like you have a taker too. and I have yet to see Skyfall. I have heard some say it is the best James Bond yet, others say it was a disappointment. Interested to hear what you say!

Laura Stephenson said...

Can I send you a page to be critiqued in a week or so? Letting myself breathe a moment after NaNoWriMo before editing it, but I would, of course, want to edit it before submitting it for that sort of thing.

I love this blog, by the way. :)