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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rumble. Day Three

Rules For Da Rumble: Leave a comment with your day’s totals in the categories that apply. You have twenty-four hours starting....NOW.

My totals:
Wip - Zip
Revision – none
Posts – nadda
Comments on other blogs – Goose Egg

You guys are blowing me away with totals. I’m girding my loins a little tighter today.

Tuesday’s question and my answer: What has helped you the most in writing technique since beginning this career?

Just starting out, when the ‘to be’ verb was an enigma, books such as The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman inspired me. They carried me through grammar, how to start a page, and formatting.

Wednesday’s Question. This is a two-parter. 

We read and write in our favorite genres.  What is your beloved genre and what other genre would you like to try? 


mshatch said...

ok, so I got zip on my wip (which may die a quiet death - we'll see...), but I got 764 words written just for practice which may turn into something (we'll see on that, too).

As for the questions...

My first love was fantasy but I've come to love YA in most forms and scifi equally well. I've written the first two and I would love to try my hand at scifi - I do have a bit of a vague outline somewhere...

Patchi said...

Day 3:

_Dear Katherine_: I added 1,600 words of transcribed notes. WIP is currently at 32,897 words.

_The Legacy of the Eye_: none, but on purpose.

Posts: none.

Comments: 2, I've been lurking quite a bit lately.

Answer to today's question: I don't have a favorite genre. I read a bit of everything, mostly in phases. Here is what I enjoy reading (and writing): romantic relationships with happy endings (or at least both people alive at the end), amateur sleuths, historical elements (real or fantasy), alternate worlds and societies. I'm always hesitant about tagging what I write as sci-fi. I'm not sure it really fits in the genre other than it takes place on another planet. Social science fiction might be a better label, but that brings to mind Ursula Le Guin and Margaret Atwood, which might set the bar way too high for my novels. I read the term backdoor fantasy on io9 and I think that describes what I write: could be around here, but isn't.

Huntress said...

'...back door fantasy...'
I've never heard that one before. Guess I'll add that sub genre of fantasy to the confusing mix/match of High, Epic, Contemporary, Urban, Magical Realism, Speculative Fiction, and Swords & Sorcery.

Did I miss anything?

Charity Bradford said...

My goodness, I've been busy all day but don't have any idea what I've accomplished. Let's see...

1 kid home sick
1 blanket with dog throw up on it
1 trip to a notary to sign all papers to sell my house on Friday
1 trip to the post office to overnight those documents
50 envelopes stuffed, labeled, stamped, licked (eew!) and mailed
1 house visit from repair guy to fix water damaged hardwood (glad I'm not paying!)
6 rounds of SongPop played
2 pop tarts and a bag of "popped" rice cake treats eaten, as well as a bit of dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. Who needs real food?
words on either WIP= 0
Blogs read= 1 right here, right now
Comments= 1 right here, right now
posts scheduled= 2
tour posts completed = 1.75 (I should really just bite the bullet and finish the one.) 15/34 complete 10 drafts

My favorite genre is scifi, but one of these days I'm going to try write a contemporary women's lit idea I have.

I just realized I was supposed to make cookies for my daughter to take to church tonight. Guess I'll take 2 Tylenol and get started on that...

Huntress said...

Okay. So that's what you did this morning between 7 and 8. What have you done since then?

Sheesh, woman. I was gonna post about making a banana cake with walnuts but F-orget That!

*wanting some of those sea salt almonds w/chocolate now*

Laura Stephenson said...

Comments: I think 3?
And fantasy is my favorite genre. I'd like to read more sci-fi I suppose, but if I had only fantasy to read my whole life I would not be sad.

Connie said...

Just joined and love reading what everyone else is up to.
Let's see about those questions....
I did not write anything new, which is killing me because I have a new story in my head but haven't had time to get anything down.
Revisions: Worked on revisions during my hour and half prep at school. I'm part of a five page work shop and had to re-work as per suggestions.
Posts: I posted on my blog, Loco for Libros yesterday with a review of the book Ever.

I have surfed abotu five blogs today, checking on things I'm a part of and lurking for new stuff to be a part of.

Question: my beloved genre is YA contempory, actually the New Adult is really my favorite and I devour! it when I find it. It is my favorite to write as well, but alas publishers really want something supernatural in there and I have recieved a bunch of Love the concept but we want paranormal. Ugh

The genre I play around with..*blush* is adult with a bit of steam. :)

Huntress said...

Fantasy is my meat and potatoes also

Huntress said...

'...I have a new story in my head...' *BG* This is the trait of every persistent, driven writer.

Um. '...play around with...' adult with a bit of steam?

*still laughing*

Um. Me too but don't tell anyone. We'll keep this our little secret

Patchi said...

Here's the link if you want to check it out:

Huntress said...

Clearly Fantasy has more sub-genres than any other.

*going to link now*