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Sunday, December 23, 2012

And To You!


That title came off a bit more rude then I meant it to be!

What I MEANT was 'Tis the Season...and am totally not going to have a whole lot of time to Post anything of worth here even though it is my week.


I Am interested in knowing what people do for their Holiday Traditions.

Just go ahead and post in the comment section.

What do you look forward to the Absolute MOST in this time of year? The food? The Music? The Family? The Chaos? The Crappy Movies on TV? For it all to end and normalcy to return? *I hear ya!*

Tell me!

When I was going to culinary school and it wasn't feasible to get home for the 3 days they gave us off for Christmas Break...we had an Orphans Christmas. And honestly...it was one of the best I can remember! We simply hung out. Watched movies. Drank (crappy) wine. Made amazing food. (It was culinary school after all!) And generally de-stressed.

Now...the traditions seem to be a lot of running about. Time schedules. Parties that we must attend. Not a whole lot of chillaxen. Oh the pitfalls of being an adult.

So tell us all at UB what's going on with you and yours these next couple of days!

And I hope that you and your family have a very safe and joyful holiday season.

(I will be posting Wednesday, for sure. I'm thinking the subject might be poetry. Not sure yet! ...so check back then!!)


mshatch said...

I like seeing my family, especially the ones who live far away. But it is loud! And chaotic! Seven kids plus theirs...yup, a bit crazy but fun :)

Charity Bradford said...

This year we stayed home instead of traveling to be with family, so we are looking forward to some relaxing. We started a new tradition this year. Our oldest son is names Adam and he has a cousin with the middle name Eve. We always joke at Christmas time that there isn't anything for him even though Adam came before Eve. So this year on Christmas Adam we let the kids bring all the presents out to put under the tree.

For Christmas Eve the kids get to open one present from a sibling and then we all open our new pjs. The whole week we eat tons of junk food, play board games, and do crafts. It's seriously the best week of the year.

Angela Brown said...

I enjoy the food and family time. But I love the Christmas morning moment of watching my daughter open her gifts. The number is fewer since she's a bit older and already has tons of stuff. But her smile is infectious and I love watching her smile glow bright opening gifts from "Santa".

Huntress said...

A frivolous question and comment on a Christmas Eve news program dampened our festivities this year.

The question: Which relative do you hate to see the most?
Answer? The mother-in-law.

My hubby said, “I wish I had one.”

I had five Christmases without my mom, without traditions because I could not bear the memories. Thoughts of Silver Bells, Andy Williams, and fudge dimmed my joy of the season.

Then it grew, glimmered, and brightened. A grandson, our eleven-months-old-tornado of activity, is making me whole. Traditions came back with plans for more. A desire to give to him what I grew up with, Bing Crosby and the bell on the Christmas tree signaling a new angel.

Poinsettias, tinsel, divinity, pine, and snow.

A new beginning.
I wish Mom could see him, her great-grandson. But I figure she does and approves.

Laura Stephenson said...

I asked about traditions in my Christmas post, too! My favorite part is playing the games I got as presents all Christmas day in my pajama's. :D

Laura Stephenson said...

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

DEZMOND said...

I live in an Orthodox country, but my parents are of Catholic origin, so when I was a kid we celebrated both Christmases :) On December 25th and January 6th.
Catholic people here usually have Christmas Eve dinner while fasting so they eat bean soup, fried fish, macaroni cheese and such things.