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Monday, December 10, 2012

Rumble. Day One

Rules For Da Rumble: Leave a comment with your day’s totals in the categories that apply. You have twenty-four hours starting....NOW.

My totals:

Wip – 211 word count
Revision – none
Posts – 1
Comments on other blogs – 4

Question for the day. What do you want most from being a published author? Money, fame, or recognition as a writer?


mshatch said...

12,100 - I lost a couple hundred words. Ack!

Charity Bradford said...

Well, I need to get on the right schedule here, so this is where I was yesterday.

Fade Into Me--23,355
Search For Knowledge--37,194
Blog tour posts--10/34 finished with 7 drafts. Holy cow I need to get busy!

Now is that how I do it and then tomorrow I update to include what I accomplished today?

Huntress said...

Yep. I'm mostly blogging today so my wip and/or revision numbers are dismal.

@Alex Cavanaugh's blogfest :)

Patchi said...

WIP (Dear Katherine): 31,104 (none added in the last 24 hours)
Revisions (The Legacy of the Eye): 3 chapters, but only about 200 words.
Posts: none, but I did order holiday cards :)
Comments: Does this one count?

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna Hole said...

I'm participating in Alex's blogfest today, so I've commented on tons of posts. Haven't done any writing or editing on any of my works in a month or so (Yes, I'm properly embarrassed).

What I want "most" from being a published writer is the recognition. But, money would sure help me keep writing :)


Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

LOL. I need the money, want the recognition but would settle for fame.

Kelley York said...

Wip – 580 words. I'll write a total of 1,000 before I call it a night.
Revision – none
Posts – 1
Comments on other blogs - 8...or somewhere around there?

Lauren said...

Got to 40,000 on Courier, so I'm on course there.

Spirit is going to have to wait. 43 pages of GloryRoad emotion edit.


Lauren said...

Fame just causes problems. Money is important in order to keep going, but I want people to read and enjoy my writing.

Huntress said...

This one counts!

Can't wait to see Legacy, btw.

Huntress said...

Money ain't a bad way to go :)

Huntress said...

Love your reply!! *still laughing*

Huntress said...

Hear that sound? My jaw hitting the floor?

Good Job!! YOWZA!!!

Huntress said...

The short answer: I want to use the phrase, "I am a published author"

That way the fam and relatives will. Shut. Up. about asking me, 'so, where is your book?'

Worst mistake I made was in telling people about writing a book. *facepalm*