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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Let's Rumble

Or call it a friendly contest. Let’s spend the week in motivational mode starting with a Challenge.

“Battle!” – Archangel Michael in Michael

This is a down month for some publishers and agents. Many close for the holidays and use the time to catch up on slush piles and submissions.

It is our chance to finish the manuscript, post on our blogs, or begin that new project.

All we need is to get around to it.

Here is your Round Tuit 
so no more excuses.

To that end, I challenge everyone to record their totals daily. Whether it is word count on their wip, edited pages of a completed novel, posts on their blogs or comments on others, this is your week to brag. Or get goosed.

Every morning, I’ll post my numbers for the previous day:
  • WIP word count –
  • Revisions pages –
  • Posts on personal blog –
  • Comments on friends’ blogs –

You have twenty-four hours to comment with your totals. Whether it is all four (Zowie) or only one category, this is the time to gird your loins and get serious about that manuscript.

We begin tomorrow. Bring your steely-eyed, gritted teeth mode and settle in for a double helping of Determination. Cuz Sistahs and Bros, we are WRITERS.

…and someone might tell me what ‘gird your loins’ means and if it hurts much.


mshatch said...

lol. That is a good question. As of this morning, before writing anything except blog posts and a few comments, my current wip stands at 12,216.

Lauren said...

1 Editing for Spirit and GloryRoad (no page count here, just intent)
2 2000 words on Courier (currently at 38,000

And "gird your loins" means to put on your armor. In a sense. Wrap yourself up so when people start hitting you with pointy things everything stays where it's supposed to be. (Assuming that wasn't a rhetorical question)


Huntress said...

So why or when did this phrase come into use? And why did use that particular, er, area for target practice? The male anatomy is rather *blush* exposed so does 'girding' have the same shielding effect in a female?

Mostly *got my tongue firmly in cheek*

Huntress said...

What do you typically write in a day? Word count that is.

mshatch said...

It really depends. Right now I'm finding it hard to write and oftentimes I end up deleting half of it. We'll see how I do this week...

Lauren said...

It's biblical, and because in a male dominated society that particular piece of the anatomy was considered of special importance and required additional protection. Don't bite the tongue off.

Charity Bradford said...

What a good idea! I'm going this with you this week because I've decided to try and finish Fade Into Me in time for ABNA the end of January. *insanity*

Last week I finished the re-write up to page 93/183. That was the easy part. Now it will be almost all new material with the hope of salvaging some scenes already written. The goal is to finish the story by Jan 1st so I can get it to some crit partners. ;) Hope you're up for that?

Huntress said...


Mina Lobo said...

"Gird your loins" means there's a sale at Victoria's Secret.



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