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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Would you buy this best-seller?

As I mentioned yesterday, one of my favorite writing sites, Writer Unboxed has this feature which asks whether you the reader would shell out money to read more than the first page of some bestseller and if not, why not? I thought it might be fun to do something similar here this week since plan A & B fell through.

So, here's the beginning of a best-selling novel:


I'm drowning. The river's current is tearing me apart. I've kicked off my boots, but my heavy jeans cling to my legs. My chest burns with the need for air. Where is she? I've lost sight of her - no, there she is, too close to the falls. Her head bobs to the surface, her pale face upturned. Her lips are blue.

   I strike out after her, but the current yanks me under; I swallow mouthfuls of water. I fight my way upward, break the surface, spitting out mud and silt. The rumble of the waterfall rises to an earsplitting roar.

   "I'm coming," I shout. "Grab on to something!" Is she conscious? Is she even alive? I scream for help, my shrill cries lost in the storm. Right arm, left, reach, pull. My fingers are numb. I can't feel my feet. The sky flashes with lightning, then the crack of thunder, and a familiar voice calls from high on the cliff, a dark figure moving along the embankment.

   "Bon voyage," the voice yells in triumph. "Good riddance to both of you."


Do you recognize the author? Have you heard of this book?

Knowing the title makes the beginning a lot more intriguing, makes me wonder if the good neighbor has anything to do with the two people in the water...I admit, I'm tempted to buy this. I like a good psychological thriller. What about you? Was this beginning enough to make you consider buying? If not, why? 

ps I now have two entries to the contest mentioned on Monday, if I get eight more first pages I can hold the contest next time I'm up so send them to me (marcy@tidewater.net) if you've got them!

1 comment:

Liz A. said...

No, I wouldn't be interested in this book just by the first page. If I knew more about what was going to happen later, maybe, but the first page would be a turn off. Just because I'm not a fan of almost drowning.