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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How compelling is this beginning?

I was going to call this 'Flog a Pro' but that felt too much like stealing from one of my favorite writing sites: Writer Unboxed. Every so often they do this post called Flog a Pro which asks whether you the reader would shell out money to read more than the first page of some bestseller. Is that beginning compelling enough?

So, here is the beginning to one of kindles best-selling books:

"Moving a guy as big as Keever wasn't easy. It was like trying to wrestle a king-size mattress off a waterbed. So they buried him close to the house. Which made sense anyway. The harvest was still a month away, and a disturbance in a field would show up from the air. And they would use the air, for a guy like Keever. They would use search planes, and helicopters, and maybe even drones."

Do you recognize the author? Is this beginning compelling enough to warrant shelling out cash to read more?

I'm not sure if I'm compelled, but I'm definitely interested in finding out who killed Keever, why they killed Keever, and who's going to come looking for Keever?

What did you think? Did you recognize Lee Child and the beginning of Make Me, which came out this month?

 ps I only received one submission for the contest I mentioned yesterday which isn't enough to hold the contest, hence the postponement. I need at least six submissions, but preferably ten which means ten brave people need to throw their first page into the ring. I would love to do this contest next time my turn comes around as moderator so if you're interested let me know. I'm happy to contact you and remind you to submit for next time. Have an awesome hump day!

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