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Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Fourth Contender

I have been lucky to read a lot of great indie books this year.

The fourth contender's position is going to a young adult steampunk novel. I will provide you with the review for the first book, though it's a series and I will be reviewing books 2.5, 3, and 4 later this year. I have already reviewed book 2. I'm looking forward to continuing this grand adventure with Mr. Adam Dreece.

I bring you the first of the Yellow Hoods series: Along Came a Wolf by Adam Dreece.

Tee is a happy and exuberant 12 year old. She is surrounded by those who love her, and foremost is her Grandpapa, Nikolas Klaus. He is a renowned inventor who belonged to a secret society, and someone comes after him believing he has invented a steam engine. Along with her friends, Elly and Richy, Tee mush shed her childhood naivete to help save her Grandpapa while staying out of the reaches of those trying to harm them. Dressed in matching yellow hooded cloaks, they become known as the Yellow Hoods.

My Opinion:

My opinion is easy enough. This book definitely falls into the category of “must read” in the YA genre. With a steampunk vibe, mixed with a real-life fairy tale, this book packed a punch. Though it was short at 128 pages, it was perfectly paced. There was just enough world building that you could picture what the area looked like without the author spoon-feeding it to you. The action keeps you happily turning pages until you reach the end with a satisfied sigh. The final conflict was resolved perfectly, with just the right amount of intrigue inserted at the end to set up for its sequel. All of the characters were wonderful and you got handed just enough back story to make it interesting without once dragging the book down.

Adam Dreece did an incredible job on this book and I will happily be reading the second book in this series. I have already started recommending the book to others and will continue to do so. It’s definitely for the young and the young at heart. I love YA fiction and this series is destined to land in my favorites list, along the Ranger’s Apprentice series and the Harry Potter books. It definitely earns that spot and I’m happy to place it there. Adam Dreece is definitely an author to keep an eye on as I believe he will go far.

While this is the end of my time this week on Unicorn Bell, it's definitely not the end of those who are on the list to win the 2015 A Drop of Ink Reviews Book of the Year Award. I'm positive there are more books ahead who deserve to be added to the contender's list. Until next time!

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S.K. Anthony said...

What a great review! The Yellow Hood series now has my attention! :D