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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Uh-oh! The balls are dropping.

D'oh! I guess this was my week to post some amazing stuff for you hear on UB. My apologies for being late remembering that important fact.

So, let's start this week talking about overloading ourselves. Then you can tell me what you'd like to know this week and I'll get back on track tomorrow.

Have you ever taken on more than you can successfully accomplish? Up to this point I've always managed to squeak by, keeping all the balls in the air, pulling off each task to the best of my ability. This week, everything got the best of me.

In fact, I spent most of today snuggled up in my bed with my three dogs. My excuse was a headache and upset stomach. The truth is I was plain worn out.

All of us have many things going at once. We have jobs, we want to write, we have families that need us all the time, friends that get antsy if we ignore them too long. Those of us with books out know we have to put in the time marketing. Some of us blog and have other projects where we try and reach out socially to give back or simply stay in touch with the writing community. We have houses to clean, cars that break down, dinners to prepare, let's NOT talk about laundry.

How do you deal with it?

Do you take a day where you just check things off your list?
Do you quit and binge watch Netflix?
Do you learn to say no to some things?
What do YOU do? 

I'd like to know. I need to re-prioritize because the balls are falling to the ground and nothing is getting even a 50% effort. This really bothers me. (I even missed a lunch invitation out on the lake because I FORGOT about it and took a substitute teaching job instead. What?!)

So, please share what you do to prioritize what you take on in the comments.

Also let me know what you need to see more of on UB. More reviews, more interviews, more writing and editing posts? Would you like to get to know all of us better? What? What? What?


mshatch said...

I know how you feel. Everyone says how there's not enough time to do everything but it's really true! As it stands, I have a house to clean, a car getting fixed I'm waiting (and hoping) on, a dinner I may or may not be able to attend, a package that MUST be mailed out today, a dog that's needs walking, not to mention the whole writing gig...Ay! How did this happen? Why does it seem I used to have more time?

Liz A. said...

I know crazy. I just hit crazy this week. (And the subbing job--I once took a gig on a day where I had other plans and just called to cancel the other plans. The subbing means I get paid!)

I don't know how to get it all done. I guess you just have to take it one thing at a time.