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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drabble #4--Magic Kept

Magic Kept

A triangle of light touched the meadow floor. Sparks swirled like dust, and color exploded in the small space. A plethora of blossoms had been born in the glorious mixture of sun and magic.

I edged from the birds nest and shimmied down the tree, my boots catching only once on a strand of moss. 

Most night pixies lasted only a few moon turns, but not me. I had lived in time with the faeries since my first midnight trip in the light.

I stepped into the glow and felt it course through me. My own personal fountain of youth.


Charity Bradford said...

Such lovely imagery! And I have a person thing for sun magic. ;)

Huntress said...

excellent writing. A+

Anonymous said...

Really beautiful imagery and external descriptions. The story was magical, and I personally love anything to do with pixies and fae.

Hillary said...

Thanks guys :) I always lean to the fantastical

mshatch said...

Vivid description - wow.

Kristin Smith said...

Beautifully written. I love this!