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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Week of Self-Published Authors: Their Experience and Advice

This week Unicorn Bell is going to be all about self-published authors.

If you’re a selfie, like me, this is one week that will be well worth your time to pay attention.

Through Friday, each day I’m going to focus on a different Indie author and let them not only share their point of view and experiences, but also some real numbers, some of their marketing tactics, and a few other tidbits that are specific to them as an individual. 

There are so many reasons to consider self-publishing as a real option in today's market. There aren't a ton of Indie success stories out there, but there are enough to take notice and more are emerging every day. Readers are beginning to trust these new, unknown authors more and more as time goes by and, slowly but surely, "selfies" are becoming a force in the publishing industry that many traditional publishers originally hoped would just be a fad. We'll be hearing from some of those authors this week.

Although each of the featured authors is different (genre, philosophies on writing, marketing, etc) they have all been in the business for at least two years, have multiple titles, and have achieved moderate success. If you’re an Indie author and you're still struggling to find sales, this is a great week to read every post because these authors all started just like you.

If you’re thinking, “Hey—this sounds pretty good,” you'd be right

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait an extra day because to start the week, today’s "guest author" is going to be … me.

Although I haven’t been in business two years—my one year anniversary isn’t until the end of next month—I do have three full novels published and a fourth due to hit Amazon in a couple of weeks.

I know the right thing would be to start right in with one of the other guest authors, but I've hijacked this blog for the next five days and if there is one thing I love above all else in the world, it’s hearing myself talk. My wife will be happy to back me up on that.

I’m an author—what’d you expect?

To keep it from getting too long-winded, I’m going to break up today’s post into 3 parts, separated by intervals of a few hours each.

The next post will discuss motivation and positioning.

I'll finish the day with a third discussion entirely on marketing and some of the tactics I've used.


Stephen Tremp said...

Sounds like a great series! I'll stop by and check out the posts this week.

Huntress said...

Way to go, Matt! What a cool start.

Bookmarked, Tweeted, and FBed.

Liz A. said...

Selfies? Is there another term to use? (Sorry. Been spending too much time on Twitter et al, and the term "selfie" just sets my teeth on edge.)

Sounds like a great series. Looking forward to it.