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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How 50 Shades Got it Right

Please say that you watch Big Bang Theory....Because if you don't you missed this gem of a scene.

I would advise you to swallow any liquids you have in your mouth before hitting the play button...

Seriously. Fucking. Hysterical.

And I truly believe that we have 50 Shades to thank for this.

And for a few other things. I think that we've become a bit more accepting of people just in general. We've let go of our Puritan roots...just a little. Hopefully we can stop taking sex So Seriously, and learn to laugh at it...just a little bit more in my lifetime.

Taboo things are becoming less...well..taboo.

I'm not so sure Incest will ever be widely acceptable (The popularity of Game of Thrones doesn't have that much sway over popular opinion!)...But everyone should read the Wideacre Trilogy by Philippa Gregory. The main character, Beatrice, is a sociopath in the extreme. And the books are riddled with  other, more acceptable, taboo passions.

Spanking. For one. Bondage. These types of things. Snippets of Spice. Things that make a reader take notice. Things that make a love scene stand out and make you clutch your book just a little bit harder...in a good way. Make you wonder, "Who else knows about this?", "Who can I tell about this?", "Who can't I tell about this!?".

There is another amazing series out there by Jacquilin Carey called Kushiel's Avatar. So good. Great at pushing boundaries. In the simplest terms possible, it's about a woman who enjoys pain, that is trained as a spy...in a fantasy world.

" My breath caught in my throat; I heard a mewling sound, unaware it was me. It was the sound of a dumb animal in pain. Surely now, here, there could be only agony...
Would that it were so.
Even this...even this. My body betrayed me, accommodating the agony, inner flesh torn, slick with desire and blood, accommodating...him. the dreadful iron reaving me in twain, all of it. I laid my cheek on the bedclothes, scratching roughly with the rhythm of his thrusting , staring into the darkness. Let him kill me with it, I thought. let him. Pleasure mounted, inexorable, unspeakable. My fingers clenched on the bedclothes, clenched and released. A crimson veil fell over my vision."

 Jacqueline Carey, "Kushiel's Avatar"

So how about you? What are your thoughts when you run across these scenes in your romance books? Do you take notes on how to add them to your own stories? Or do you skip ahead, reaching for the brain bleach?

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mshatch said...

I read the first Kushiel book and enjoyed it quite a bit ;)