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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Days of Wine and Roses

Love is in the air! Doo do bee do be do be doo!

Crap...is that Barry Manilow? Now that's gonna bug me...


Romance! Love! Seduction! Sex!

I'm looking for submissions along these lines.

What gets you going?

Does your Inner Goddess Soar to the stars at the thought of 50 Shades? (Don't even get me started...) Gasp! Oh my! Penis!

Do you need things spelled out for you in very specific details, ala Ann Rice's Beauty's Series. (3 million times better then 50 Shades...)

Do you prefer to have your heroine ALWAYS be involved in some sort of threesome with two BEAUTIFUL men. Both of whom are somehow not *quite* right for her until the end when one is shown to be *JUST* right and the other WAY wrong. And the sex scenes are just kinda skirted around and hinted at in very frustrating annoying ways. Because this is very realistic. You know. How adults handle things. Harlequin novels seem to think so...

Seduction is another way that I think is quickly being lost. Think Pride and Prejudice. The whole book is the seduction. The whole story is how Darcy gets Elizabeth, and how Elizabeth gets Darcy. And not once do we see the word penis!

So Send me your Romantical Submissions! We shall critique them together!

Anything is fine. We're all adults here! Though I do think that sending me a submission where you can see how many times you can use the word penis would qualify for a trip to the Red Room of Pain.

Now Cock on the other hand....that's TOTALLY different. That's rather British and therefore Classy.

Try to keep them under 500 words!

May the force of Love be with you all!

Oh! Ps....send them to: unicornbellsubmissions@gmail.com


mshatch said...

I'm afraid my love scenes are ever so tame in comparison to those mentioned. Though I am surprised not to have heard Diana G's name. She writes some lovely historical romance with some damn hot sex scenes. I can't believe my grandmother read her.

Alicia C. said...

I was going to use her as an "Example" if no one submits anything. :) I LOVE her stuff. There's no way I could have mentioned all the types of love/sex scenes that are out there! Submit whatever you have/want! Anything is acceptable....and Desirable. hehehe

See what I did there...

Desirable...as in desire...HA!


Huntress said...

Less is more with me.
*ack. wait. That doesn't sound right. Or true*
ACK...never mind.