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Thursday, February 14, 2013

All You Need

"I must have made some sound of distress, for there was a sudden up upheaval of bedclothes as the stranger in my bed vaulted to the floor with  the heart-stopping suddenness of a pheasant rising underfoot. He came to rest in a crouch near the door of the chamber, barely visible in the pre-dawn light.
Pausing to listen carefully at the door, he made a rapid inspection of the room, gliding soundlessly from door to window to bed. The angle of his arm told me that he held a weapon of some sort, though I could not see what it was in the darkness. Sitting down next to me, satisfied that all was secure, he slid the knife or whatever it was back into its hiding place above the headboard.
"Are you all right" he whispered. His fingers brushed my wet cheek.
"Yes. I'm sorry to wake you. I had a nightmare. What on earth-" I started to ask what it was that had made him spring so abruptly to the alert. 
A large warm hand rand down my bare arm, interrupting my question. "No wonder; you're frozen." The hand urged me under the pile of quilts and into the warm space recently vacated. "My fault," he murmured. "I've taken all the quilts. I'm afraid I'm no accustomed yet to share a bed." He wrapped the quilts comfortably around us and lay back beside me. A moment later, he reached again to touch my face.
"Is it me?"he asked quietly. "Can ye not bear me?"
I gave a short hiccuping laugh, not quite a sob. "No, it isn't you." I reached out into the dark, groping for a hand to press reassuringly. My fingers met a tangle of quilts and warm flesh, but at last I found the hand I had been seeking. We lay side by side, looking up at the low beamed ceiling.
~ ~ ~
I turned toward him. "I don't hate you."
"I don't hate you, either. And there's many good marriages have started wi' less than that. Gently, he turned me away from him and fitted himself to my back so we lay nested together. His hand cupped my breast, not in invitation or demand, but because it seemed to belong there.
"Don't be afraid," he whispered into my hair. "There's the two of us now."

~~Diana Gabaldon "Outlander"

All you need to know about love. In a simple passage.

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