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Friday, August 31, 2012

QueryCon AKA School's In Query Wrap Up

Blogger ate this post, which could be a good thing because now you're going to get the simplified version. :)

What a great three weeks! We hope it helped you understand the importance of the query and helped you move in the right direction with your query. All of us at UB enjoyed the chance to pay it forward and help all of our lovely followers. So much in fact that we've discussed making this a yearly thing titled QueryCon.

Monday we will return to our normal posting schedule and various calls for submissions. Stick around and lets continue perfecting our novels so we can reach our publishing goals.

Our judges have another week to look over the queries and let me know if they want to request pages, so don't give up hope. One judge also issued an open invite to submit to her directly to all who participated (info below).

Here are the queries that have already garnished requests:

#2 Who Is Audrey Wickersham?
#3 Joshua's Tree
#5 Staying Dead
#7 Waiting for Someday
#11 Let My Life Be Proof
#12 Running Down the Dragon


Nancy Bell of MuseIt Up Publishing invites anyone who wishes to query her after September 1st. MuseIt Up has been closed to submissions and therefore might get bombarded this weekend. Mention the UB contest in the personalized section of why you chose to query Nancy. You can find the complete submission guidelines HERE. That page is very detailed as to what they will and will not accept. Good luck!

But don’t go away just yet. To the sixteen who submitted their queries:
Send your mailing address to beccoff(at)nwmo(dot)net and receive an extremely cool magnet with our logo. Use it to pin the kid’s grade school picture and meeting reminders to the fridge.

Or a copy of your book deal.

Sorry, North America only. 


Terri K Rowe said...

I really LOVE this blog and feel like I have learned a lot and become more connected to the online writing community by reading it! Thank you!

Kristy Shen said...

This blog rocks! Congrats to everyone who got a request!

Unknown said...

Muse it Up has several agents who sound like they'd be a good fit for me. Thanks for posting this!

Emily said...

Thanks for hosting this great contest. I received a lot of helpful feedback.

Mark Koopmans said...


Even though I wasn't ready to participate in the final section, I wanted to say a huge *mahalo* to everyone who helped in the critique-al changes to my query:)

Y'all are much appreciated, and sign me on for QueryCon :)

Charity Bradford said...

THANK YOU! All of you helped make this little experiment a huge success.

Jambo said...

Thanks for the great opportunity, onwards and upwards, Julie Anne Grasso

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

Congrats to everyone! Well done! Glad it was such a huge success! :) Thank you to Charity for all her extreme hard work !!