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Monday, August 27, 2012

QueryCon #12--Running Down the Dragon

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Name: Laura Hughes

Thalia Drake is the last dragon on earth. Her cover identity as an ass-kicking werewolf in the U.S. Military's elite shapeshifter ranks is in jeopardy. Not even her adopted shifter family know her true form.

When human victims start turning up in the Everglades, Thalia alone recognizes the glyphs burned into their skin. The ritual markings suggest the killer has bigger, more reptilian game on the menu.

None of the shifter investigators suspect what she does, that their modern-day murderer might be capable of killing essentially immortal shifters. Thalia isn't eager to inform them and blow her cover. A thousand years of lies would be tough for her family to forgive, and other shifters wouldn't think twice about killing a recalcitrant dragon. But holding back what she knows will put every shifter in danger.

Thalia and the FBI's shifter division track the killer to the heart of Washington, DC. Every clue seems to point to a U.S. Senator, despite his air-tight alibi. Whatever the senator's involvement may be, if they don't find the killer soon, one of his rituals is bound to succeed. One successful ritual could spell extinction for the shifters.

RUNNING DOWN THE DRAGON is an urban/contemporary fantasy novel of 103,000 words. I have also completed a second Thalia Drake novel, but RUNNING DOWN THE DRAGON can stand on its own. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Unknown said...

This seems really interesting and fun. A dragon posing as a werewolf in the US Military?! Awesome. I'd love to see more of this.

Nancy Bell said...

I love the title! I am assuming the dragon is a shifter? I would definitely ask for a full manuscript to evaluate based on the strength of this query.

Unknown said...

Hi Laura,

Excellent query. You caught my attention from the first line and kept it throughout. I would be interested in reading this.

Unknown said...

Excellent concept. Your query leaves some room for improvement, though.

The first paragraph says first that her identity is in danger, and then that not even her family knows who she really is. Try tossing things around and try to get the "but it's in jeopardy" part after the level of secrecy, or don't tell us her adoptive family doesn't know.

By "essentially immortal" I assume you mean they live a long time, but not forever. If you mean they are immune to old age, skip the word essentially. If you mean they're hard to kill, you could say they're essentially impervious or essentially indestructible. Just a slight clarification I think could help.

I don't read a lot of urban fantasy (I'm more for the classic flavor), but I would definitely add this to those I have read. Good luck!

abuckley23 said...

I love the premise and the query was tight and to the point. I'd ask to see an MS for this one.