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Monday, August 27, 2012

QueryCon #9--Race To Butch Cassidy's Gold

Genre: Middle Grade Mystery
Name: Emily Cushing

Twelve-year-old Maggie McCoy wants to be brave and spontaneous. But she’s not. Especially when it comes to school bullies and flying by the seat of her pants. So when she and her fearless cousin Jake stumble upon century-old clues leading to gold coins hidden by Butch Cassidy—farm boy turned infamous bank robber of the Wild West—she crumples her ‘to-do’ list to prove that she really can be daring and impulsive.

And at first, searching for gold with Jake and their quirky Grandpa Jim in his beat-up motor home is the grand adventure she has always wanted. But Maggie’s new found courage falters when she learns they must outsmart and outrun a dangerous thief who is also after the treasure.

The race is on. But, just as Maggie and Jake think they have solved the mystery, Jake is captured and all the ‘to-do’ lists in the world won’t save him. Only Maggie can, if she finds her bravery.

RACE TO BUTCH CASSIDY'S GOLD is a 40,000-word middle grade mystery where Maggie's present-day adventures parallel Butch Cassidy's past until mystery and history collide.This book stands alone, but can open the door for a series that exposes readers to fast-paced adventures across the fifty states.

With a Master’s degree in Elementary Education, I have been both an elementary and middle school teacher. I am a regular attendee of writers’ conferences and have three published magazine articles. I created the successful marketing website, Giveaway Today, with an apex of 176,000 page views per month.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Unknown said...

I really love this query. I wish we published MG works. Good luck getting this baby into the world!

Nancy Bell said...

I like this story line. I would change the last line to read: Only Maggie can, if she can find the courage. Also, first line in the second paragraph, I would suggest tightening to read:
At first, searching for gold with Jake and Grandpa Jim is the grand adventure she has always wanted.

Suggest subbing this to MuseItUp Publishing, they accept MG and YA

Unknown said...

You definitely made me wish we accepted MG titles! Awesome job. I hope to one day be purchasing this for my boys.

Best wishes Emily!

abuckley23 said...

Great query! It'll make for exciting reading for MG readers everywhere :)