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Monday, August 27, 2012

QueryCon Final #2--Who is Audrey Wickersham?

Title: Who is Audrey Wickersham?
Genre: Horror/Paranormal
Name: Sara Shrieves

Dear Guest Judges,

Fifteen-year-old Audrey Wickersham loves books, horror movies and anything supernatural, and she’s finally decided to try her first spell. She heads to her favorite hangout, The Magick Eye, to find the perfect one. She encounters Agnes, the old Gypsy who offers to create a custom spell for her. Audrey is thrilled until she encounters an ancient yet totally disgusting parasite called the Zomorwai.While messing with the jar they are contained in, a warning shout from Agnes causes her to spill the creatures, allowing them to invade and attack her system.

When she begins to forget basic words in her vocabulary—even what her cat is—she must tell her overly protective yet devoted father what happened. Their only solution is to confront Agnes, but when they discover that Audrey is becoming a zombie, they will try any spell Agnes can come up with to stop it. Audrey’s eccentric neighbor volunteers his skills as a nurse, and her best friend proposes an alternate solution in secret. The only problem is she would still have to die.

But Audrey holds a secret of her own. She’s developing a taste for humans, and those closest to her are in the most danger. She must decide quickly. Will she go with magick, or death?

WHO IS AUDREY WICKERSHAM? is a young adult horror/paranormal novel with elements of comedy, complete at 64,000 words. It can be opened to a series, and I have already begun writing the second book.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!! 


Unknown said...

Hope to see more of this one, too! :-)

Nancy Bell said...

Well done. The pace moves along and doesn't bog down. You give the information needed for me to decide if I want to see more and it has a great hook.

Hope to see this subbed to MuseItUp Publishing. :~)

Unknown said...

Hi Sara,

The flow of this query is excellent. The only thing that threw me off was your genre listing, as I'm getting a fairly lighthearted YA paranormal vibe from your query rather than horror. I would recommend making that clearer.

Wishing you much luck!

abuckley23 said...

Hi Sara,

Overall I like the query but think the first paragraph could be tightened up. It reads a lot like a detailed synopsis and the premise is interesting enough that you probably don't neet to lay it out so fully.