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Monday, September 19, 2011

First Page Critique Week

Back in the days when I had a normal life, ‘query’ was just another word in the dictionary. Now, it has the magical ability to pull my attention like an unexpected bang of a firecracker.

I want my First Page to generate the same response in an agent.

Except for the query, my first page and paragraph go through the most revisions. I read it one day and think, Oh cool. This is IT! Two days later, it looks like something the cat hocked up and I edit again.

This critique week, send your First Page. Don’t fret if we’ve seen it before *Yo! Tara* Send it and we’ll give it a look-see.

Last week, my youngest MS tiptoed from its shelter and into critter land, my debut effort at YA. It won’t be the last time it appears so prepare yourself. The perspectives the critiques give are beyond price and I thank all who contribute.

And to those who submit pages, loglines, and queries for critique: it takes courage to shove your precious MS out the door and into the spotlight. Just remember, we are all in the same business and have the same trepidations. We are all writers.

Send one or two pages of your manuscript to beccoff(at)nwmo(dot)net and we’ll roll up our collective sleeves and begin another week of critiques.

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