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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yay or Nay #2: Dear Katherine

No crits today. Vote yay or nay for the kissing scene.

By the time we returned to the house, the streets were lit by moonlight.

I headed straight for the stairs.

“Rick, do you mind unpacking the basket?” Derek asked. “I need a shower. I’m beyond itchy.”

“Not at all. I’ll be upstairs in a few minutes.”

I was almost at the top and Derek took the steps two at a time to reach me. My heart kept pace with the rhythm of his feet. He held a forefinger to his lips and pulled me towards the darkened hallway.

“The tattoo is supposed to glow,” he whispered in my ear.

He was too close and I wanted to kiss him. Neither was appropriate--let alone the shower thoughts going through my mind--but propriety jumped out the window beside me. My hands reached up to untie the knot behind my neck. I let the sarong fall to the floor revealing the bathing suit that exposed my back.

I turned and stepped away from Derek. “Does it?”

He inhaled deep and loud. “It does.”


Derek inched closer. I could feel his hand even before I felt his touch. My heart rate accelerated. I couldn’t breathe.

“Here.” His finger traced one of the coils and I felt a shiver spread from the spot his skin met mine. I bit my lower lip to suppress a moan.

Before I could doubt my sanity, I spun around and pressed my lips to his. My arms wrapped around his neck as fast as his enveloped my waist. But I hardly had a chance to taste more than the salt on his lips, or find my way inside his mouth.

“I thought you said you needed a shower, dear Derek.” Rick’s voice was ice-cold and chilled me to the bone.