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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What to Doooooooooo?

What does one do when one isn't allowed to sit at a computer and write?

Or watch Tv?

Or Read?

I mean really...you can only go for so many inspiring nature walks.

And you can only make so many Amazing Cakes!

Yah....I had nothing to do with this...
Luckily I stumbled upon these marvelous things called "podcasts".
Yes. I know they've been around since like the early 90's. But I always felt they were kinda like college radio gone rogue, so I never really got into them. 

So very wrong I was.

First of all I was led to THIS amazing place of AMAZINGNESS!

Go. Listen. That's all I'm going to say.

And then I got to thinking that, Huh. There's Probably podcasts concerning writing that I could be listening to! I'm BRILLIANT!
Then I learned how bad I am at searching for Podcasts. Newbie that I am. I could never quite figure out how to download them...so I would find the page. But then I couldn't find the Podcast...so I'd wander away.

I finally figured it out though, which entirely depends on the type of player you have or how you're streaming it. I, of course, managed to choose the way that requires you to type in the address of the podcast, longhand, rather then just be able to link to an rss feed. *tweak* YAY! Anyway...Long story short. 

My absolutely favorite one is one called Writing Excuses. It's fifteen minutes long, hysterical, packed full of useful information and one of the hosts is Brandon Sanderson!

There are several more that I've found...but then I found THIS blog post...

HUGELY HELPFUL BLOG POST FOR PODCASTS! (You can find Writing Excuses here...)

Which had 3 of the podcasts I had picked out. Like I said....I'm BRILLIANT! 

How does everyone feel about Podcasts? Are there any podcasts that you want to recommend? Any that you have found particularly helpful or fun?


Charity Bradford said...

Oo, I'm going to check out some of these podcasts right now. :)

Liz A. said...

I've never had a chance to listen to even one podcast. I have no idea how they work, so you're much better off in that than I am.