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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Contest! With Prizes Even

We've done queries and chapters, first pages and loglines. Time to give critiquing a rest, I think.

Let’s have a Fun Week!

Prize: E book, Wilder Mage in the format of your choosing.

  • Submit a kissing scene from your wip or completed novel and followers can vote on their favorite.
  • Keep it under 300 words, please. Adult is okay but it must be suitable for Young Adult eyes.
  • Followers will vote Yea or Nay. No critiques!
  • Winner to be announced Saturday, October 12.

Send to: unicornbellsubmissions(at)gmail.com


Charity Bradford said...

Fun, fun! Great idea and I can't wait to see what our readers send in.

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

YAY! Great prize! :D That ought to get the people submitting! HINT HINT....People....

Robin said...

Kissing scene.

It's getting hot in here...

Liz A. said...

Great idea.