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Friday, October 4, 2013

Self-published author Kathleen S. Allen

Finally Friday! And we close the week of self-published authors with Kathleen S. Allen

17yo Cassie is tired of feeling invisible especially next to her model gorgeous BFF. When she finds a book in a used bookstore on how to be famous in ten days she devises a plan---with the help of her BFF---to do just that. She has hilarious and sometimes serious, almost disastrous consequences on her quest to be "seen." YA contemporary

Tell us a little about yourself, Kathleen.

I wrote my first book of poems when I was eight. I copied out my poems on paper, added an orange and blue construction paper book jacket, punched holes in the side and added a red ribbon to tie it all up. I made ten of them and gave them away as holiday gifts.  

How did you get from being a writer to self-publishing?

I decided to self-publish because my first YA book—AINE—was too short for a traditional publisher.

Did you have a background that proved to be helpful or any experience? How hard was it?

No background. I hired a cover designer/formatter and she did a great job. I have done others by myself, making my own covers and they’ve turned out well.

What did you do wrong? Right?

Not hiring a professional editor was a mistake I made for a couple of self-pubbed books. I did hire one for several of the other books. I’d say hire a professional editor, a cover designer/formatter, and if you can afford it, a publicist. The marketing end of self-publishing is what I fall behind on.

Are you happy with your choice? Do you think you'll stick with self-publishing or are you still keeping your options over?
I’ve also published with small presses and been happy with that option. Will I still self-publish? Sure. I enjoy doing it but I would also love to go the traditional publishing route with an agent so I could get that movie deal. LOL.
Check out all my books here: http://kathleensallen.weebly.com/


Karen Baldwin said...

What a great concept for a story. I like that you mentioned hiring an editor. Many of my writer friends said I shouldn't, but if I self pub, how will I ever know it will make the grade?

Jess said...

Sounds like a fun book! Great interview also~ thanks for the insight :) Best of luck with sales!

Liz A. said...

Sounds like a book my niece might like. Hmmm...