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Monday, July 8, 2013

Technically Speaking

So I was just up in "The County" of Maine for about a week.

For those of you that don't know this is Aroostook County. Land of Potatoes. Get to Portland Maine and head about 4 hours North. Then. To get to where I was, head another hour further North. Lots of trees.

And Mosquitoes. CRAZY mosquitoes.

Anyway. The first night I was there was the 3rd of July, and my hometown does this celebration called Midnight Madness where all the local businesses stay open till Midnight and serve free stuff, games in the streets for the kids, bands playing...all sorts of fun stuff! So I went to that. And I didn't get to my parent's house till maybe 11:30pm or so. Long after they'd gone to bed.

Much too late to wake them up to ask them for the password for the Wi-fi. Crap.

Now. For most of you this may not be a problem. But I, thinking I was being all clever! SOOOO clever! Stored what I was working on at the moment on google docs cloud. (I HATE hatehatehate Word...but we'll get into that later) Thinking I could just access it all week and then zip it back into scrivener when I got home.


Nope. Need the wi-fi's to do that. Damn you google doc's!

So that night I just took the night off from writing and read...(poor me.)

Then I got to thinking...I was REALLY dedicated, used my Drive App on my phone. As annoying as it would have been.

Which got me thinking about how much I use my smartphone for my writing craft.

Which made me remember a blog post I read a while ago someone had posted asking what apps people use that pertain to their writing craft.

So I'm curious!

How low or high tech do you go? Are you a notebook and pencil kind of person? Or do you have a laptop/computer that you'd be lost without? Are you constantly scribbling notes and ideas on slips of paper? Or do you have an app on your phone for that? Or are you like me and kinda somewhere in between?

The next day I asked my dad for the wi-fi password. He said, "I gave that to you the last time you were here! You don't remember it!"

"Dad. I haven't been here for over a year. You haven't changed your password since then?" (Stalling cause no I didn't remember it...)

"Of course I have! Let me check..."
Yah...he'd forgotten the password too...


1000th.monkey said...

Well, I've been at my family cabin for 2 solid weeks, with no wi-fi. I've been writing, and posting from my phone, reading blogs, commenting a little less than normal (due to it being, y'know, on my phone), and have managed to only *need* wi-fi enough to make 3 trips to town. Most of those trips have been because CP's have sent me insanely long emails and the idea of trying to reply properly to them... Was simply too torturous without a laptop.

I can't read my own handwriting, so digital all the way, baby ;)

I use Dropbox to back up my writing, but when I know I'm going to be writing somewhere with no wi-fi, I also bring a UBS flash drive to back important things up on, just in case my laptop dies in a freak accident.

Angela Brown said...

I'm a Post it notes and laptop gal. I love scribbling ideas and thoughts on my sticky notes then splatter them everywhere. Then I add them to a file on my computer so I can refer to it it at a later date (that tends to mean I can't find where I splattered the sticky note and want to find the story idea info lol!!)

Not much for using apps on my phone...but I'm a slow learner in that regards.

Tyrean Martinson said...

I love my notebook and my pen, but I love my laptop too. I've written notes on my phone, but it's not the same as the notes I write in in notebooks. When I go tech, I want a keyboard . . . and not just one that fits my thumbs. However, I know that works well for my daughter - she types herself notes and ideas on her phone all the time, then transfers them to the pc at home . . . she's definitely more tech than I am.

mshatch said...

I used to write everything longhand in notebooks but now I'm mostly digital. I have a desktop but wish I had a laptop so I could write elsewhere. Someday.

Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Passwords. Yep *still laughing*

To create the world, I use a spiral notebook mounted on my treadmill then flesh out the scenes on the 'puter.

I post from my Kindle but not my Blackberry *spit* because it is a total POS for that kind of work.

Post its are all over my computer telling me what to do and what not to do. They include my passwords (ha) and remind me what colors the elemental magic like Fire is.

Also mounds of small spirals with snippets of info like "#6 element: can bend space" Somehow I'm supposed to remember what I meant when I wrote that two years ago.

Liz said...

I get the worst writer's cramp, so I type as much as possible. Laptop. My phone's keyboard is much too small for my fat thumbs, so I use that only when I have to.