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Friday, July 12, 2013

Personal Think Tank

Quick post...as I'm Dashing out the door. Busy day!

I'm curious though. What do you want to see created? Built? Developed? Brought to LIIIIIIIFFFFFEEEEE!  In regards to our craft. Technology wise.


Is there something you thought of in the wee bitty hours of the morning that you went, "Man, writing would be so much easier if I could just...."

Or did you recently watch an episode of Torchwood, and after wiping the drool off your face from eyeballing Barrowman for 45 minutes straight, you thought, "Wow. That gadget would be Really Useful!"

Personally. I want them to develop a way I can e-mail someone a document and I don't have to choose the TYPE of document to send. RFT. PDF.  DOC. DOCx. WRD. QRTY. JKASS. Whatever. I  get so annoyed with this because inevitably the type I choose isn't going to work with wherever I send it. They have a Mac. I don't. They have a typewriter, I have an telegraph. Something to that effect. I want 'them' to figure out how to hit 'attach to e-mail' and THAT'S IT! Just send the stupid thing. BAM! Done! And the person on the other end can open it no problem because THEIR computer is freaking smart enough to figure out what Type of document it needs it to be translated into to read it! *tweak*

Ok. I've had some whiskey. I'm ok now.

So what fantastic new technological advancement have you thought would make huge improvements to our writing craft?

And why hasn't it been done yet?!


mshatch said...

Maybe hook up an electrode to my brain so that the story comes out exactly as I envision it rather than the the way it gets translated from my brain to paper, or screen as the case may be.

Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Regarding the document format: I can attest to problems converting between programs. Heaven love a duck, don't do it. Talk about strange font, hidden text, etc. Horrible.

I wish I had a better chair or desk. Mine is killing my posture.

Or a hubby who could feed and cloth himself. That would be excellent. :P

Liza said...

I want something I can plug into my brain to download those amazing thoughts I have in the middle of the night. Everything comes out so effortlessly then...but when I try to commit it to paper it's like climbing an unpaved road up a mountain.

Liz said...

Hmmm... That's a very good question.

David Oliver said...

Occasionally my oldest son will want to use my computer. Inevitably he complains about my "stripped down" computer. That's because I don't have any word processor on it or other programs many people use. The reason is I often want to send somebody something I've written or I want a computer language program I've written to be able to read it. I use notepad or wordpad. Sure they don't have a spell checker or any of that stuff but it is readable on any computer that I know of as well and most programming languages.

I know you can save most word processor documents as .txt (text) files. I think those would work okay but I'm not sure how readable they are after the formatting is removed.