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Monday, July 29, 2013

Motivation Week Kick-off! Who and What?

This week I thought we could talk about the things that keep us writing. The goal is to help you ask yourself some questions about why you write, what you want to accomplish and how you are going to do that. We'll touch on who, when and where along the way.

Today is easy.

Writing, that's what. Feeling things in your heart, seeing things in your mind, meeting characters and visiting new worlds and then trying to put all of that into words on a page.
That's what.
Not always as easy as we hope, but always rewarding when we put in the time and effort. Worth it when someone reads a snippet and says, "Is there more?? I need to read more of this!"
The second What question will have a different answer for almost each and every one of us.
What do you write?
Answer for us in the comments! All of us at UB would love to hear from some of you more quiet lurkers. We have big things coming up this fall and we need to know what you write so we can tailor it to fit YOU!


Well, you of course!
If you are here, then you have an interest in writing. All of us have different reasons for writing, different approaches and different goals, but we'll save those for another day. But YOU are a writer. You are WHO is going to accomplish great things, share wonderful stories, make people laugh and cry over your characters.
Do it!
Know it!
Believe it!

And when people feel your mind with doubts, sing this song at the top of your lungs.


Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Fantasy R Us. Or me anyway, genre-wise.

There isn't a sub-genre to fantasy that I don't inhale like oxygen.

I think we can all agree that writing isn't painless. It can take a lot out of person, but so can any struggle we endure to meet a goal.

To some extent, it is like the quote from Don Williams, novelist:

"The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

L. Blankenship said...

>I think we can all agree that writing isn't painless. It can take a lot out of person, but so can any struggle we endure to meet a goal.

Very true. Writing, or any form of art, is not easy.

What do I write? Hard fantasy and hard sci-fi. And I'm quite willing to sing along with Staind at the top of my lungs :)

Angela Brown said...

I'm wondering if the statement, "no pain, no gain," can apply to writing as well lol!!

I write YA, NA and MG, also testing the PB waters to challenge myself. And it is a major challenge.

I write fantasy/sci-fi and adore the various subgenres that apply.

David Oliver said...

I doubt I could write a novel or even a short story if my depended on it so I was reluctant to post. Still I think all writing has elements in common besides grammar. Since the subject of this blog is what we write about, as a blogger I've learned I can write about anything - even ideas. The subject doesn't seem nearly as important as how it is framed. If you can make the reader feel something, paint a picture in his mind or obviously make him laugh, your job is done.

Liz said...

I write fantasy primarily because I'm too lazy to do the necessary research to do historical fiction the way I would feel it needs to be done. That and I always like having a bit of magic.

Patchi said...

I write social science fiction and fantasy with a historical flair. Most of the stuff I attempted is Adult, but my new WIP is YA (at least for now).

Motivation is the key. It's a lot easier to quit than to keep typing. But then the people in my head wouldn't shut up and let me sleep.

Alicia Willette-Cook said...

I write about flawed characters. Mostly in Steampunk. Sometimes in Horror. Sometimes in Both. But I find that if I don't have the characters...I don't have anything to write about.

Charity Bradford said...

Woot for all the fantasy and scifi lovers out there!

I love the comments about writing being art, and therefore never painless. It's that whole drawing blood from your veins and pouring it on the page thing.

@Liz, I don't think it's lazy to write fantasy. You have to have so many rules to make it work!

@Patchi, it is easier to quit. Except for when it isn't. :) I tried quitting once and turned into a very unhappy person.