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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Method to the Madness and Technology Fail

Speaking of using technology. If someone could explain to me how Dropbox is "supposed" to work. That'd be great. Thaaaanks.... Grrr. Been trying to get/find/load a picture of my workstation for the past 20 minutes. Not happenin'. Anyhow...

My idea for today! Send me pictures of your glorious work stations! We're all curious how we all work! Don't "clean for the maid" either. I want to see How You Work >;) In all your fantastic mess! Hey. Whatever works for you. If it's as neat as a pin. Orderly and color coordinated...then Obviously you don't have to share your space with anyone else.

Send them along to unicornbellsubmissions@gmail.com and I'll do a big post on Saturday. Sort of like the funnies.

Also. I'm curious to know about you. Mainly because this whole 'serious' writing thing is a fairly new endeavor for me. (Only maybe 2 years or so). And it's been interesting trying to fit it in with my regularly scheduled life, so to speak. My husband is very supportive. In a Mommie Dearest sort of way..."Are you finished writing your novel yet? Can you start looking for publishers yet? Are you famous yet?" Sorry sweetie. Gotta pay the bills the normal way for One More Week!

When do you write? Morning? Evening? I generally get my writing done in short bursts. Few hours in the morning. Longer stretches on the weekends. (If I have time, like if it's raining...) Maybe an hour found here or there. And then I do my edits between clients. I found this GREAT app. (Don't laugh!!) for my phone. Have you heard of the Pomodoro method? There's an app for that! No. You don't NEED an App. But it was free. And it forced me to focus in the short amount of time that I had available to write.

Do you listen to music? I never DID. But then my husband had surgery on his ankle. So now, when I write on the weekends, he's in the very next room, which is literally 4 feet away, on the couch watching TV. Can't be helped. So I need something in my earbuds to whitenoise the tv away. I tried Jazz (Cause I love Jazz.) Too distracting. I can't have words in my playlist. Just ambient floaty noise. Being a massage therapist, I'm REALLY good at Ambient Floaty Noise. For example...This guy...

Do you Munch on things? (Twizzlers...or Popcorn...) Drink Liquid Libations? (I generally wait till AFTER. My plots make far more sense the less whiskey I pour on them...)

Last but not least...Are you a One Hit Pony? That makes no sense. HA! Do you work on one story at a time. Pour your last drop of blood and marrow into it. Or do you work on several at once flitting from one to the other making each your Favorite Ever! Personally, I work on one thing at a time. All consuming. I've tried the other way. It breaks my brains.


Liz said...

At the moment, I'm transitioning my working area from my bed to not my bed. Since that's still in the works, there will be no pics. Sorry.

When I write: when I have time. Not generally mornings as if I don't have someplace to be, I'm not awake. Mostly afternoons, time depending on what else I have going on that day.

Music: No. Music and I have a strange relationship...

Munch on things: if I'm hungry. Not usually. I have to be really hungry.

One hit pony: I used to be. Lately, I've embraced the idea of doing several things at once. That way, when one story is making me crazy, I can skip it and move on to something that isn't.

mshatch said...

Being unemployed, I write first thing in the morning and later in the day into the evening. When I worked I could only write in the evening. No music usually, unless it's instrumental and even then it has to be the right mood. Ambient is good, anything repetitive and no food but definitely coffee. Have to have coffee.

Huntress, aka CD Coffelt said...

Morning is for writing, sometime after the usual chores and coffee. The treadmill helps me to focus then I'm off to the keyboard to translate my scribbles.

I listen to music for white noise but I have to *constantly* tell the hubby "I'm working dear. Can't talk/watch TV with you right now." Imagine set teeth and lots of patience when this happens