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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#1 Three-Line Pitch Example

My three-line pitch that I submitted to the contest at Savvy Authors:

Title: The Magic Withheld
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Romance is difficult enough between humans but for wizards like Justus Aubre it can be lethal when their runaway emotions cause cities to burn. He avoids romantic entanglements but when another mage stumbles into his bar, an impossible relationship develops and his choices narrow down to losing what he values most or gaining a power he did not want.


L. said...

Justus Aubre threw himself into a bartending job to keep his passions under control. Wizards in love have proven dangerous to public health. But then (love interest) picked his gin joint to walk into.

IMO, short sentences pack more punch. And a pitch needs punch.

tfwalsh said...

Very intriguing pitch... haven't read too much about wizards / mages in this context, so I'm interested. I'd just love to know who if the mysterious mage is male or female.