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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Critique Session - First Kiss

First Kiss

Give your name (this will be deleted). Title, and Genre.
Write a short lead-in to the scene.
Submit a 200-word scene.
It can be a finished MS or WIP, agented or unagented.
No graphic smooching, please.

Email submissions to cdcoff(at)gmail(dot)com.
Submissions start Tuesday, May 24 at 5 am, CST and end 5 pm, CST. 


Amy said...

I submitted my critique piece. This is a really great idea and I am excited to be part of it! :)

Brooke R. Busse said...

Mine has been submitted too. It's a tad short...

Huntress said...

Remember you have until 5 pm CDT to submit.

Don't worry about the EXACT wordcount. Within reason is great.

Erin L. Schneider said...

Mine has been sent! Can't wait to read everyone's submissions - good luck!

Lori M. Lee said...

I totally missed this... dang! lol