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Friday, May 27, 2011

Critique Groups and Margaritas

Before I sort through my medicine/liquor cabinet for a cold remedy (at this point, I’m going with whatever my bleary eyes see first), I need suggestions and comments.
What would improve this Critique Group?
What would you like to see critiqued next? Query? Loglines? First Pages?
Get to know the members, see if one or two are the Beta Buddies you’ve always hoped to find. Like the advertisement, they are priceless.
Last question.
 Tea or margarita? I may have both.


Brooke R. Busse said...

Perhaps you could use the survey we filled out to match up people who write in the same genre and then the pair could exchange a sample chapter. Kind of like a trial version of sorts.

mshatch said...

I'd actually like a strawberry margarita, if you don't mind - with fresh strawberries, please :)

Amy said...

Critiquing first pages might be a good idea. That is usually hardest part since it is the beginning.

Hope you feel better! Tea would work well for a stuffy nose, but the margarita would make you feel better all around. Plus they sure are tasty! ;)