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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Serenity: Would You?

It's book tour week, but instead of the usual book promotion posts, I'm changing things up a bit. I'm mashing them up with the "what if?" posts. It's an experiment, so you'll have to tell me what you think.

Today's question comes to us from Ava O'Shay...

What if you had to give up yourself to save someone else? Would you do it?


Serenity Diaz gave up her innocence when she stepped in to save her twin brother from the abuse of their mom’s revolving boyfriends. Now, entering her senior year, Serenity believes she finally left her past behind and sees a future away from the hypocrisy of high school life.

Life was always easy for Jolin Daniel. After finding his gift on the football field, he is catapulted to the popular table. With the head cheerleader on his arm, Jolin is high school royalty. Scouts are knocking on his door, and his future as a college football star is within his grasp.

All Serenity and Jolin need to do is make it through their senior year. 
But it takes a single moment for their dreams to shatter.

Unwillingly thrust together, they must learn to accept who they are without the labels given to them by their peers and be open to the unexpected feelings growing between them. 
What would you sacrifice to save the ones you love?

SERENITY is a gritty New Adult Romance that mixes Romance with family drama. It’s an intense read as the story takes the reader through the twists and turns of bullying, abuse, and the lengths some will go to get what they want.

SERENITY has been in the top fifty books on Amazon in the category of Abuse and Dysfunctional Relationships, reaching number one for a week.

This is as real and gritty as you can get. A love story from the wrong side of the town story where happy endings is a joke. Very intense and entertaining read ! I love the fact it is not like ever other love story.   –Kiona E.

The sequel to SERENITY, titled TRANQUILITY, is set to release at the end of March 2015.

Excerpts for SERENITY and the soon to be released TRANQUILITY can be found on WATTPAD:  http://www.wattpad.com/user/avaoshay

Author Bio:
After many years trudging through the social awkwardness of high school and the whirl wind of college romances I finally landed in the Seattle area writing about the hell, horror, and don't forget the hot romance of youth. I love all things outdoors and can be found hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or doing anything active. I am a former Mrs. Washington United States but hung up my crown to focus on family and career. I love to learn and possess many degrees. I am a Christy McCullough Excellence in Education Award winner and I am Nationally Board Certified. I love to interact with my readers and meet them at signings so never be shy to come up and give me a hug or email me.   



Huntress said...

Good premise and a most excellent blurb :D

Regarding the What If question, it would be depend on what I would need to give up and for whom. Also, the definition of "save" matters.

I would give up everything to save my child or grandchild but only *some* of my family. I'd have to consider the individual carefully before running into oncoming traffic.
*tongue firmly in cheek*

dolorah said...

i don't read much YA, but I like family drama. This could be interesting.

Liz A. said...

Huntress, I've always taken the stance that if something isn't specified in the question, you are free to interpret it as you wish. So, feel free to define "save" as you wish.