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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Marabella. Discovering Magics by Sandra Boutwell-Falcone

Marabella is an uncommon girl growing up in Common Valley. When the mysterious Demalion people take an interest in her and her family, their lives change for the better. She discovers her magics and her new friends ensure her training. But her bliss is short lived. Unspeakable tragedy strikes and Marabella must grow up quickly. Aided by a magical creature and her Demalion friends, she learns to fight and focus her magics. She will need all she’s learned to battle for her life. Mourn her losses, cheer her victories, and fall in love with Marabella. Her adventure is just beginning.

Marabella’s story is a coming of age story about finding your own personal power. It is filled with relatable characters who may resemble someone you know. It is an easy read for anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre, from juvenile to adult. There is magic, good guys, bad guys and magical creatures with a healthy dose of teen angst. I have included action, comedy, drama, and just a touch of romance. It is the beginning of an adventure that will span at least three books. Don’t you want to come along and see what happens next? You know you do.
Amazon  Age Level: 10 - 18 | Grade Level: 4 - 12

Sandra Boutwell-Falcone grew up in rural Louisiana. She
attended University of Central Arkansas earning a Bachelor of Arts in English. A voracious reader and lover of all things fantasy, Sandra draws inspiration from nature, gaming, and people watching. She currently resides in Arkansas with her husband Michael, dog Bess, and cats Chaucer and Miss Kitty.

My first novel, MARABELLA, DISCOVERING MAGICS, grew from a few pages written in a notebook while in college. My friends and I played D&D. I wrote an origin story for a character I played. Many years later, I found the pages and decided to turn it into a novel. I am currently working on the second book in the series.


Download the sample pages of Marabella. I bet you'll buy the book like I did. Good writing and an interesting opening really sucked me in. And I'm telling ya, my TBR pile is towering. Oh my gosh.


Huntress said...

Bought it but I haven't got to read it yet.

Liz A. said...

Sounds interesting.