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Friday, January 30, 2015

Fade Into Me: Created by Aliens?

It's book tour week, but instead of the usual book promotion posts, I'm changing things up a bit. I'm mashing them up with the "what if?" posts. It's an experiment, so you'll have to tell me what you think.

Our final "what if?" question of the week comes to us via our very own Charity Bradford...

How would you react if you learned the earth and humans were created by aliens--aliens that live all around us, look just like us? More importantly, would you marry one of them if he or she said the future of your world depended on it?

Thank you, Charity. And make sure to check out Charity's newest book, which has just gone live...

Fade Into Me

Caeden Frey doesn't believe humans will evolve to see the magic, much less control it. Even so, he has two months to marry a human or face the wrath of the High Council. Bitter about a responsibility he thinks prevents him marrying for love, he figures any human girl will do. He’s ready to propose when his soul mate stumbles into—and right out of—his arms.

Human, Ryanne Killian might be Caedan's one shot at happiness while still fulfilling his duty. Unfortunately, she guards a dark secret. She’s determined to push Caedan away to protect him from her past.

Caedan must convince her she’s worthy of his love before a rival family puts an end to his wedding plans. If she can see her own worth, she just might save herself and his people.

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Diana Wilder said...

Nice trailer and intriguing book! (My family heard the music and came hurrying over...)

Huntress said...

*scratching head* I thought everyone knew about the aliens living among us.

A most excellent trailer. Good music and script.

Curious about the ad though. Is that intentional? I'm only asking because after purchasing music for my trailer, a dude inserted an ad into my Youtube post. I contacted my music source, Purple Planet, and they took care of the intruder.

Sandra Cox said...

OMGosh. This sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.