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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Quiet Treasures - Taylor Longford

Few authors epitomize and define the Young Adult genre like Taylor. If I had a young ’un, I’d recommend these books. Sweet, a little bit scary, moral yet shades of naughty (not much *grin*), The Greystone Series is the one for you tweens, teens, New Adults, and for sure those who think they’re adults. (Psssst. I’ll let you in on a secret, you adults. The secret to youth is finding an age you like and sticking to it.)

We’ve grown up thinking gargoyles are ugly, misshapen, nasty creatures. But that’s a trick played on us by those jealous of the gargoyles’ beauty.

Brothers, trapped in stone form for hundreds of years, emerge and find themselves in a different society than the one they left. Gone are the carts pulled by oxen, thatched roofs, and peasants. Here to stay are cell phones, Ebay, and the internet. They must adjust—and fast. Because some of their siblings are lost and they don’t know where they are.

The series begins with Valor, the story about one of the first gargoyles to grasp how much his world has changed. His head spins at the difference. But help arrives—although clothed in a different package than what he’s used to. Mackenzie accepts the delivery of the statue of a young man with a visage so drop-dead gorgeous and lifelike that she wonders if he’s alive. She has good intuition. Because Valor, the hunk of stone gargoyle, is eyeing her with the same appreciation.

Where Valor ends, Dare’s adventure begins, the story continuation of the brothers Gargoyle. Six books (so far) are in the Greystone Series

Valor (now free at Amazon)

This author’s books are uncommonly good. Well-written...very well-written. And the storyline is amazing. It kept my interest piqued and the drama never lets up. How often do you run across a series like this? Not often. Usually something disappoints a letdown of characters or storyline. Not this one. And for weeks—or days...or hours, depending how fast you read—you won't need to scrounge for a good book to read. You are totally setup on reading material.

So, Author, what is next for the series? Do you have a title?

I'm currently writing Force, the 7th book in the Greystone Series. If you've been following the series, you'll know that the gargoyles are trying to find a few members of their family who were accidentally separated from the pack. Force is one of the missing gargoyles and this book will tell his story.

How do you schedule your writing time around Life and all those other little distractions?

I did pretty good with the first six stories, publishing two books every year. But my day job has gotten busier and lately I've been especially pressed for time. But writing is a huge escape for me and I'm happy to do some escaping whenever I get the chance.

Are you considering other genres than YA?

I love to read old sword & sorcery as well as scifi but I'm not planning to venture into these genres. I have two more books to write after I've finished Force and I expect Courage and Havoc's stories will keep me busy for at least the next year. 

Link to website: www.taylorlongford.com

Love, love, love this unique series. Give it a try. I guarantee, it will not disappoint.

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