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Friday, December 19, 2014

Quiet Treasures - L. Blankenship

Today we're switching from YA to Adult.

Most definitely adult.

I was privileged to crit L. Blankenship’s Disciple series. How could I not with a title like For Want of a Piglet? This blog was introduced to her via a submission. After reading it, I was hooked.

Kate is an acolyte of Parselev, a master healer. Marked by the Saints, imbued with perfect recall, she is still only a female, and worse, a peasant girl. But her duty is clear, given to her by her master and her patron saint; serve the kingdom and the will of the king. No matter what.

It’s the no matter what that kindles her fear. She thinks enemies will be the worst of it, the war that threatens all of them. But the truth is far from the creatures that stalk their every move. It is simpler, a human trait, that is her downfall. Love and jealousy; and all the emotions that nest in those feelings.

The Disciple series pits tragedy against human nature, duty with longing. I rocketed from mumbling under my breath at Kate, Anders, and His Majesty, the prince Kiefan to sorrow at the loss of a character. Magic figures hugely in these books, epic fantasy to the nth degree. L. molds and creates a new world out of her imagination that spins the reader into a new reality. By the time you finish the first chapter, you see the colors, smell the campfires, and hear the chink of horses’ bits.

You will believe in her world. And never want to leave.

Extraordinary writing highlights her books. Uncommon world building completes it. Now, listen up you Wannabe-Published Authors. L. Blankenship self-published this series. Self. Published. Truly outstanding.

Disciple, Part I is free at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
Parts II through V continue the story. The last and final volume of Disciple comes out next year but no date has been set yet.

So what has L. been up to since completing the series?

My current WIP is an urban fantasy medical drama/thriller and it is really challenging me.

I noticed you signed with an adult small press, Dreamspinner, for a new book.

Hawks & Rams is coming out on the 31st from Dreamspinner. They're taking pre-orders and here's the page: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=5897 

Other links:
Author Site: Amazon

Check out her blog and her writing stats for this year. Truly, your ego will suffer. I know mine did.


L. Blankenship said...

Has it been three years since that submission? Really? :)

I owe you for keeping me honest in *Disciple*, Huntress. Thank you for that.

dolorah said...

Adult fantasy! Wow, I was beginning to think there are none anymore. Congrats L on all those marvelous releases.